About Me

Multidisciplinary Designer

Starting out I have a degree in Communication Design from ESAD school in Matosinhos, Portugal. I’m a multidisciplinary designer with strong graphic and web design skills, working for 15+ years developing all kinds of design experiences, branding and marketing campaigns. Love project management, researching and organizing everything. I thrive when I’m solving complex problems through research and crafting elegant systems. 
One of my latest obsessions is project management. I think I've been spending more time than I should planning and coordinating on Notion. Another latest obsession is Finances and Investment, particularly ETFs and Cryptocurrencies, along with block chain and NTFs. This is what I've been learning about lately. Very interesting stuff.  I'm also interested in Healthcare. My good old interests are travelling, music and drawing. 
I work remotely from home in Oporto, Portugal where I bring my motivation, good mood and funny content. My biggest side project is Imaginary Thinking which I use to explore my illustration and drawing skills. I also use it to experiment with digital products and social media.
Send me a message using the form or you can send my and email to joana.design@gmail.com
Thank you!
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